Business Travel Accident

AutoNation provides business travel accident insurance at no cost to you. This coverage provides valuable financial protection if you die or suffer a serious injury while traveling on company business.

The Plan provides a cash benefit based on the severity of the loss. You are covered for up to $100,000* if you die or suffer certain disabling injuries in an accident while traveling on company business. Business travel accident insurance benefits are in addition to any life or accident insurance you may receive.

To file a claim, please contact The Benefit Connection at 877-550-2363 to obtain the insurance company’s address for filing written notice. Claims should be filed within 30 days after a covered loss begins or as soon as reasonably possible. ¬†Supporting documentation of the loss must be sent to the insurance company within 90 days of filing a claim but no later than one year after the loss occurs, unless the claimant is legally incapable of doing so.

For more information on business travel accident insurance, refer to the Summary Plan Description booklet titled “Business Travel Accident Insurance Plan” located on The Benefit Connection website.

*Executive Associates are eligible for a higher amount.