Supplemental Hospital Insurance

Supplemental Hospital Insurance Prepares You for the Unexpected

The road ahead has many twists and turns, especially when it comes to your health. Whether you plan for a medical procedure or an illness or injury takes you by surprise, an inpatient hospital stay can create unexpected out-of-pocket costs, or may result in lost wages that can put a serious dent in your finances.

Supplemental Hospital Insurance, from Cigna, can help eliminate the stress of unexpected costs like these by putting cash in your pocket that you can use any way you wish.

You can enroll in this coverage even if you do not enroll in one of the AutoNation medical options.

Cash paid directly to you, to use any way you want

Unlike your medical plan, which pays benefits directly to a hospital or other provider, your Supplemental Hospital Insurance pays a benefit directly to you, so you have extra cash when you need it most. When you or a covered dependent is admitted to the hospital for a covered surgical procedure, illness, injury or having a baby, your Supplemental Hospital Insurance pays a cash benefit based on your specific medical situation and the length of your hospital stay. You receive a lump sum for the inpatient admission plus a daily benefit, up to the limits of your coverage.

The cash is yours to use any way you want. Use it to cover your copays, deductibles or coinsurance, pay your rent, utility bills or groceries, or even finance a vacation once your hospital stay ends. The choice is yours.

Get coverage for yourself and for your family, too!

Supplemental Hospital Insurance is available to you and your dependent, and pays cash benefits for a wide range of procedures, illnesses and injuries that require an inpatient hospital stay.

If you or an enrolled family member was admitted to the hospital for a covered reason prior to 1/1/2023 you will need to file a claim with Aetna. Click the link below for instructions to file a hospital insurance claim with Aetna.

Health Screening Benefit

Associates in the Critical Illness, and/or Supplemental Hospital insurance are eligible to earn a $50* health screening benefit once per year, per member, per plan. For example, if I am in both plans, and I also have my spouse in both plans, and we complete 1 health screening each that qualifies for the benefit (such as the MSRP Biometric Screening), we can submit a claim and we would be eligible for $200 in health screening benefits for that year.
*Supplemental Medical Accident Insurance is eligible for a $65 health screening benefit which is why it is not included in the example.
Make sure to review the “Approvable Health Screenings” for each of the plans that you have, the list varies slightly by plan.

Additional Resources

Below you will find the member portal where you can find additional information and the certificate of coverage.