Family Planning

AutoNation is committed to supporting Associates inside and outside of work. One of the most significant life events that associates face is family planning. AutoNation offers you the following resources to help you grow the AutoNation family:

  • Fertility
  • Surrogacy & Adoption
  • Legal Insurance
  • Maternity & Disability
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Processing a Qualified Life Event (QLE)

Learn more about these great resources below.


Associates enrolled in a Blue Cross Blue Shield 50%, 60%, 70%, or 80% medical plan option will be eligible for a fertility benefit through WINFertility.

WIN provides personalized guidance and support throughout your fertility journey, including:

  • 24/7 access to WIN’s Nurse Care Managers and Behavioral Health trained Care Managers for emotional guidance and support
  • Education on the egg or sperm freezing process
  • Assistance in selecting a high-quality, WIN Premier provider based on your individual treatment need
  • Expertise in understanding complex information and decisions regarding infertility causes, testing, and treatment option success rates and risk
  • Guidance to help increase efficient use of hormonal medications to avoid wastage and over-stimulation
  • Education on your pharmacy dosing usage, storage, and medication side effects and also assistance in maximizing your infertility medication benefit
Fertility Benefit
Coverage Amount per Lifetime
Medical Benefit
Rx Benefit

Contact WINFertility or call 877-474-7251, Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–7:30 p.m. ET


Download the WIN Companion app to take advantage of your benefits on the go!

Surrogacy & Adoption

All regular, full-time Associates are eligible to receive a $5,000 (per child) cash benefit for surrogacy and/or adoption services.


WINFertility can direct you to one of the several surrogacy agencies in our network. Each WINFertility surrogacy agency offers a full range of services, including comprehensive screening of egg or sperm donors and surrogates. In addition, you receive pre-negotiated discounts when you use one of WIN’s participating agencies.

These agencies have been selected based on their professionalism, compliance, and quality measures. Only credentialed agencies in the United States with 10+ years of experience who assist with more than 100 surrogacy births per year participate in WINFertility’s network.


WIN provides personalized guidance and support throughout the process, including:

• Education and advice on the adoption and surrogacy processes
• Explanation of your benefits and potential costs
• Review of current benefits accumulator
• 24/7 access to WIN’s Nurse Care Managers for emotional guidance and support
• Collection, review, and authorization of claims

Note: Certain tax deductions may apply. Talk to a tax advisor. The adoption needs to be legally finalized before WIN pays out.

Contact WINFertility or call 877-474-7251, Monday–Friday, 9 a.m. –7:30 p.m. ET

Legal Insurance

Studies show that 70% of employees will need a lawyer in the next 12 months. AutoNation offers legal insurance to help you navigate life’s important moments.

Key Features:

  • Associate and family coverage
  • No waiting period once your coverage becomes effective
  • No deductibles or copays
  • No need to file a claim form
  • You can talk to a lawyer over the phone or in person
    • Telephone advice
    • Office consultation
    • Document review and preparation

Covered services include but are not limited to:

  • Power of attorney
  • Wills—standard, complex, living
  • Trusts
  • Traffic ticket
  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Home purchase & sale
  • Tenant Dispute
  • Bankruptcy
  • Immigration
  • Debt collection

Maternity & Disability


AutoNation provides a paid maternity benefit for Associates to recover from the effects of childbirth. This coverage is provided at no cost to the Associate through Matrix Absence Management and provides 100% of eligible pay for six weeks if vaginal delivery or eight weeks for cesarean.


AutoNation offers Associates short-term and long-term disability coverage through Matrix Absence Management. Short-term disability benefits begin after seven days of disability and are available for up to 26 weeks. Long-term disability begins after 180 days of disability.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a company-paid benefit to help Associates when things do not go exactly as planned.

When you need help navigating the twists and turns of life, you can count on professional support and guidance from LifeWorks. LifeWorks is a leading provider of employee assistance services, and they have licensed and experienced counselors available 24/7/365 to listen and provide expert help for a wide range of issues.

Process a Qualified Life Event (QLE)

Change Your Current Coverage

If you recently experienced a QLE (such as a marriage, birth, or divorce) and need to update your coverage, log in now to process your QLE.

Print Your QLE Checklist

The checklist will help guide you through processing your QLE and ensure that you don’t miss any important deadlines.

If you are adding yourself or your spouse/domestic partner to medical coverage for the first time, you may be eligible to complete the MSRP Biometric Screening. View the QLE checklist for more details.