Legal Insurance

LegalEASE can help ease the two biggest stresses—finding and paying for an attorney.

Nobody likes to be caught off guard, especially when it comes to legal matters. Life can be complicated. Finding a good attorney doesn’t have to be. With LegalEASE, it’s easy to choose the best attorney, because you get assistance from highly trained and qualified personal specialists who review the details of local attorneys and help you find your best source for legal advice. Being a LegalEASE member saves you time and costly legal fees. But most importantly, it gives you confidence and provides coverage for common legal matters.

If you elected LegalEASE coverage, you get:

  • An attorney with expertise specific to your legal matter
  • Access to a national network of attorneys with exceptional experience who are matched to meet your needs
  • Coverage for in- and out-of-network attorneys
  • Concierge help to find the best attorney for your needs and assistance navigating common individual and family legal issues
  • Hours of financial counseling and coaching

Get Matched With an Attorney Today

LegalEASE has a large network of attorneys. To help you find the best attorney match for your specific needs, call LegalEASE to discuss your individual situation with the Member Specialist. The Member Specialist will match you with the right attorney. You can also access a directory of attorneys online.

The Value of a LegalEASE Benefits Plan

Being a LegalEASE benefits plan member saves you time and costly legal fees and provides coverage for:

  • Home and residential
  • Financial and money matters
  • Consumer
  • Auto and driving
  • Family and personal
  • Civil lawsuits
  • Estate planning and wills

LegalEASE Benefits Plan Coverage

Benefits are designed to meet the typical needs of an Associate and their family.

  • There are no deductibles to worry about for covered services.
  • Benefits cover the attorney’s time.
  • Other costs, such as filing fees or court costs, are not covered.
  • This plan offers the convenience of in-network and out-of-network benefits.


For additional details, access a list of covered services below and free financial resources through Legal Corner.

LegalEASE Provides Coverage For:

Home & Residential

Purchase of Primary Residence, Sale of Primary Residence, Refinancing of Primary Residence, Vacation or Investment Home Sale/Purchase Refinancing, Home Equity Loan Assistance, Property Tax Assessment, Tenant Dispute, Tenant Security Deposit Dispute, Landlord Dispute with Tenant, Security Deposit Dispute with Tenant, Construction Defect Dispute, Neighbor Dispute, Noise Reduction Dispute, Boundary or Title Dispute, Zoning Application, Foreclosure

Financial & Consumer

Debt Collection: Pre-litigation Defense & Trial Defense, Garnishment Defense, Bankruptcy (Chapter 7 or 13), Tax Audits, Tax Defense, Student Loan Refinancing/Collection Defense, Document Preparation, Natural Disaster Insurance Claim, Consumer Dispute, Small Claims Court, Financial Advisor, Mail Order or Internet Purchase Dispute, Bank Fee Dispute, Cell Phone Contract Dispute, Personal Property Protection, Warranty Dispute, Healthcare Coverage Disputes and Records, Identity Theft Defense

Auto & Traffic

Traffic Ticket, Serious Traffic Matters (Resulting in Suspension or Revocation of License), Administrative Proceeding (Regarding Suspension or Revocation of License), First-time Vehicle Buyer, Vehicle Repair and Lemon Law Litigation


Separation, Divorce, Post-Divorce Proceedings, Prenuptial Agreement, Name Change, Guardianship/Conservatorship, Adoptions, Protection from Domestic Violence, Juvenile Court Proceedings, School Administrative Proceeding, Immigration Assistance, Parental Responsibility Matters, Elder Law

Estate Planning & Wills

Will or Codicil, Complex Will, Living Will, Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Trust Document, Probate of Small Estate, Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security Proceeding, Social Security Administration Benefit Appeal


Civil Litigation Defense, Incompetency Defense, Initial Law Office Consultation, Review of Simple Documents, Discounted Contingency Fees, Mediation, Identity Theft Assistance

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