Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance with Cigna lets you focus on recovery instead of bills.

When you or a family member experiences a serious illness, unexpected costs can create unwelcome stress. Critical illness insurance coverage, from Cigna, pays a cash benefit if you or another enrolled family member experiences a covered illness, such as heart attack, cancer, stroke, or 45 other conditions. You receive a lump-sum payment that is yours to spend any way you choose, and a benefit is paid regardless of your medical coverage. This coverage is not a replacement for medical or disability coverage—it is extra protection that helps offset unexpected costs. You can enroll in this coverage even if you do not enroll in one of the AutoNation medical options.

Tailor Your Coverage to Your Needs

  • Choose the benefit level you want—$10,000, $20,000, $30,000 or $40,000. The plan covers multiple illnesses and recurrences of an illness.
  • Purchase coverage for yourself and your spouse/domestic partner, yourself and a dependent child (up to age 26), or yourself and your family.
  • You and your eligible family members are guaranteed coverage. There’s no medical exam required. Benefits cannot be reduced due to age. If you choose to cover your dependents, their coverage amount will be 50% of your benefit amount.
  • Some covered benefits are paid at 100% and others at 25% of your elected benefit level.
  • Your premium is based on your age and whether you use tobacco. If you earn the Non-Tobacco healthy credit, your premium will be reduced. All pricing information will be shown online during Annual Enrollment.

If you or an enrolled family member experienced a serious illness prior to January 1, 2023, you will need to file a claim with Aetna. Click the link below for instructions to file a critical illness insurance claim with Aetna.

Health Screening Benefit

Associates who have critical illness and/or supplemental hospital insurance are eligible to earn a $50* health screening benefit once per year, per member, per plan.

For example, if I am in both plans, and I also have my spouse/domestic partner in both plans, and we complete one health screening each that qualifies for the benefit (such as the MSRP Biometric Screening), we can submit a claim, and we would be eligible for $200 in health screening benefits for that year.

*Supplemental medical accident insurance is eligible for a $65 health screening benefit, which is why it is not included in the example.

Make sure to review the “Approvable Health Screenings” for each of the plans that you have; the list varies slightly by plan.

Additional Resources

Below you will find the FAQ document and member portal, where you can find additional information and the certificate of coverage.